White castle

Then: high cravings. Now: high ceilings.
The chain has closed three Brooklyn locations in the past year.
The chain debuted a veggie slider option today.
The future 781 Metropolitan Avenue will include 81 rental units, 10,000 square feet of retail, a gym, roof deck, and the sinking feeling that Williamsburg died long before you moved there.
You may want to rethink those pancake hankerings.
"We closed this morning," the employee who answered the White Castle's phone said. "We're just packing stuff up now."
Sweet or sad? You be the judge!
It really pays to stick to your burgers.
Two Brooklyn men claim that the power of White Castle is so overwhelming, it led to cops arresting them when they refused to hand over their sliders to them.
Like you have a better idea or something.
Think your apartment needs some more beefy aroma? Step right this way...
Don't lie: You've always been curious about what happens when White Castle becomes "Love Castle."
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