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“You are aware under the whistleblower statute that you cannot do any retribution to me for my coming forward with information that I thought was necessary for the public to know?” he said in an internal audio recording.

For years, a tactical police unit in Mount Vernon, New York, reigned with impunity—protecting drug dealers, planting evidence, brutalizing citizens. That is, until one of its own spoke out.

According to a new whistleblower lawsuit, Newtown Creek is even more disgusting that we previously thought.

The city said the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing, but the wrongdoing is extensively documented.

The shooter was a former government worker who was fired from the U.S. Department of Labor for whistleblowing about "inexcusable taxpayer waste."

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Officer Frank Palestro, the latest cop to call foul on corruption

Deborah Yannicelli of Long Island and Maurice Keshner of Brooklyn, will

The whistleblowing transit worker who claims coworkers shoved him onto live