News of the new payment policy prompted an immediate backlash — and a response from Meetup.
The company is also apparently considering a 1 million-square-foot facility in Brooklyn.
"The sexual harassment and assaults ... did not happen in a vacuum. They are product in part of the entitled, frat-boy culture that permeates WeWork from the top down."
Last year, Lord & Taylor announced it was selling the building to WeWork but that it would still have a presence there.
"We all know part of living includes working," Airbnb says.
"I just don't know that people would want to pay more for that."
"We are happy if there are some bros here having a good time."
From WeWork to WeLive. Can WeDie be far behind?
"Whenever possible."
There are currently 25 job openings left, for more than 120 cleaners.
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