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A New York law gives domestic violence survivors a chance to leave prison early if they can show that they committed crimes largely because of the abuse they endured.

Durst has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a friend in California.

Gothamist/WNYC compiled a list of resources to help you recover.

The Manhattan DA is investigating at least one Manhattan incident mentioned in the NY Attorney General's report on Cuomo's misconduct. The Westchester District Attorney has also requested materials.

An internal document from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office raises serious concerns about police conduct in the high-profile case.

The New York Attorney General's office had originally been involved in a civil investigation into the former president's company.

Some environmentalists celebrated the closure due to the energy plant’s proximity to New York City, but it has sinister immediate implications for the state’s climate goals.

Hours of conversations between police officers in Mount Vernon, New York, show a narcotics unit “running rampant” over residents’ rights and safety.

The girl's mother kicked and punched the coyote, then an off-duty cop jumped in to help.