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An average of eight people are infected with West Nile virus every year, but 2021 ended well above that with 36 human cases, the health department said, due to heightened levels in mosquitoes recently.

Virus activity has been steadily rising citywide with more than 1,000 positive mosquito pools detected — the highest number ever recorded — compared to 779 at this point last year.

The effort, which will target uninhabited marshland, is meant to contain the spread of the West Nile virus, which was detected in record-breaking quantities last summer.

Cases of West Nile virus in animals, a leading predictor of human cases, are up.

The DOH has been repeatedly spraying pesticide and larvicide this summer.

Clinical trials on a Zika vaccine are starting in the US, but not in time to save your Olympic dreams.

The infected mosquitos were in Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx.

The season's first sightings have been made in Queens and Staten Island.