Wes anderson

If the stop-motion animated film happens to include an obscure Kinks classic on the soundtrack, well that'll just be the cherry on top.
The four-minute long short, titled "Come Together," brings back fond memories of the highly underrated 'The Darjeeling Limited.'
Symmetrical condos are great for those wide angle shots.
Wes Anderson bought a Citbike membership in the summer of his forty-sixth year.
The show runs through the weekend, then everything will be available for purchase online.
Needs more Bill Murray.
Mr. Typewriter Man is the last person you'd want to be stuck sitting near on a Metro-North ride.
Would you rather watch every slow-mo shot soundtracked by The Shins or Ja Rule? The choice is yours!
Wes Anderson's latest opus Moonrise Kingdom opens this weekend, and as an amuse-bouche, here's a slightly buzzed Bill Murray giving you a behind-the-scenes tour of the set.
Gene Hackman didn't show up for the 10th anniversary screening of The Royal Tenenbaums, but he was the main talking point.
"I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum."
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