"If I can't order something off the menu with what I make in an hour, that's a problem."
When we think Wendy's, we think fireplaces?
Just in time for the premiere of their Food Network show, Meat Men, Pat LaFrieda and his butchering clan filed a cease-and-desist letter against Wendy's.
Though McDonald's is still the $34.2 billion behemoth in the fast food industry, in 2011 Wendy's wiggled ahead of Burger King to become the second biggest fast food hamburger in all the land.
The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.
Wendy's has reentered the Japanese market with a bang that includes a foie gras burger. Want to eat one but don't want to fly to Japan? Try these spots.
Two years in the making, the new burger is billed as their "thickest, hottest, juciest beef ever," and sports a buttered bun, whole-fat mayo and NO MUSTARD, pleasing 7-year-olds everywhere.
How will we ever know if they're really the hottest, juiciest burgers ever?!
Today's depressing reminder of our civilization's gurgling downward spiral comes to us
When Wendy's has products like the Baconator Triple ("A premium bun
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