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It's the Nigerian prince scam for people who read physical newspapers.

Is Michael Howard the Darius McCollum of defibrillators?

The man had outstanding warrants for traffic tickets.

Leave it to Letterman to perfectly sum up their performance: "It’s fun when you leave the theater humming the music from the show."

Eminem gave a bizarre and stilted on camera interview during a college football game on ESPN yesterday. Was he high, or was he just 'avin a laff?

If you've long-suspected that all those cutesy cupcake shops popping up across town were really just a ploy by the sweets industry to help criminals rob you blind, you may be right.

Penguin Press released a very strange trailer for Pynchon's new novel today featuring a talkative young man in a t-shirt reading, "Hi, I'm Thomas Pynchon."