Deep breaths, Wegmaniacs: the future supermarket is not scheduled to open until the second half of 2023.
There are a ton of dine-in options at the huge new Brooklyn Wegmans... and most of it is pretty good.
'As Biggie said, it was all a dream,' New York Attorney General Tish James told a crowd of VIPs on hand for the ribbon-cutting in a space overlooking the Wegmans parking lot on Admiral’s Row.
The Navy Yard location will have 700 total parking spaces.
Wegmans: What is it, where is it, and what can you expect from your first encounter? Here's what we know.
The Rochester-based grocery chain has a reputation for quality food and jobs with good benefits, and Vinegar Hill NYCHA residents say they're in desperate need of both.
Coming soon to the Brooklyn Navy Yard: Wegmans!
The company has amassed $300 million in net losses in the past five years.
Wegman's is the best grocery store in the world and that is the end.
The Rochester-based store will open in 2017 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The upstate grocery chain has pulled their surreal ads featuring Alec Baldwin and his mother.
Fresh on the heels of news that Trader Joe's is set to
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