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The first store to open is in the East Village and run by the nonprofit Housing Works.

Some of the dispensaries seek to exploit loopholes in the state’s cannabis law to make the case that they’re operating legally. Others have thrown any pretense that they’re not really selling weed out the window.

Home cannabis cultivation remains illegal in the Garden State, even for medical marijuana patients.

'Let's exclude corporate America from this equation, period,' de Blasio said.

Will the marijuana industry be dominated by big corporations? Will tax revenues aid communities harmed by stop-and-frisk? Will New York get home growing or Amsterdam-style pot coffeehouses? All this awaits the governor's January announcement.

Eric Gonzalez expects to vacate at least 20,000 misdemeanor weed convictions.

The NYPD is currently investigating a video in which one bold man repurposes the back of a squad car as a convenient surface to divide up some weed.

CBD has become the ultimate nexus point between the wellness industry, the burgeoning legal marijuana industry, and the alternative medicine community. But is it really as effective as advocates say? We spoke to those in the know.