Wedding industry professionals who've been working through the pandemic said they've seen little enforcement thus far.
There are caveats, like all guests being tested for COVID-19.
Over 50 people were infected with coronavirus and around 300 more have been forced to quarantine after a pair of "superspreader" social events on Long Island recently.
State officials said they believe more than 10,000 guests are planning to attend the wedding Monday.
The inn's owners have issued a statement admitting they made a mistake.
"There were people cheering from all these windows, it was so lovely and festive. It felt like a community—it suddenly felt like we were all in it together."
They pulled an ad featuring two women kissing after 'a coterie of Karens' complained.
"The last 48 hours have been the worst of my life."
Even with the lowered catering prices and waived fees, many couples will be out thousands of dollars.
One couple spent $13,000 and another paid a $12,000 deposit to have their weddings at the popular venue.
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