The marriage bureau has been closed since March 2020.
A Brooklyn wedding planner saw a 70% drop in revenue after the lockdown in March.
The building could be shut down should further illegal gatherings happen.
Previously, the state ordered the venue to cancel any wedding with more than 50 guests.
The couple had sued New York State, demanding to have a 175-person reception indoors.
When indoor dining practices and weddings collide.
"There were people cheering from all these windows, it was so lovely and festive. It felt like a community—it suddenly felt like we were all in it together."
The pair tied the knot surrounded by about 80 friends, an accommodating driver, and a couple of very confused passengers.
Even with the lowered catering prices and waived fees, many couples will be out thousands of dollars.
"Everything is destroyed," said his wife, who was in the middle of a divorce when he disappeared.
The lifestyle guru was thiscloseto calling the hubbub fake news.
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