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An up-and-coming act named Jay-Z will play opening night there on April 26th.

After an opening night party taking place in late April, Patti Smith and Her Band will perform on May 1st.

"The length of the renovation period has grown drastically from the original projections."

Metallica delivered a blistering Webster Hall set that included the debut of a brand new song last night.

Kanye did attempt to call Mayor de Blasio to convince him to shut down a few blocks around the East Village venue "so [fans] can have a party outside."

The band is performing their first shows together in five years this Sunday and Monday.

A man reportedly died at Webster Hall Saturday night after an attempted stage dive went awry.

It was an evening filled with burlesque performances, fire-eating, and a theatrical performance based on founder Dick Zigun's The Burlesque Manifesto, all to raise money to repair damages from Hurricane Sandy.