Web series

"Go to your mothers house if you want to see a smile. No matter who you are, you don't go see her enough."
Initially, it comes across like C.K.'s unique take on "Cheers," with an emphasis on the depressing realities of life for barflies and bartending lifers.
Seriously though this one is worth it.
Listen to Courtney talk about chanting and stage diving.
Check out the first four episodes of the new webseries, Big City. We like it like it!
This new web series is beautifully shot and filmed around New York City's abandoned spaces.
Check out this Brooklyn-based web series, which closed out its first season last night, and promises more to come.
Rob Michael Hugel, of the I Hate Being Single web series, has hijacked our Instagram for the day.
Meet Rob Michael Hugel... we really like his new web series.
Because it's been a while since we posted about James Franco.
Here at Gothamist, we love all things Seinfeld. And we especially
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