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David Gilbert, a left-wing activist who spent four decades behind bars for his role in the infamous robbery of an armored truck that left two police officers and a guard dead, will be released from prison.

Not only was Norma Langworthy an accomplished philanthropist and theatrical producer, she was also the force behind the always-appropriately dressed Paddington Bear in her townhouse on West 11th Street.

Bill Ayers has written an op-ed for the New York Times this

Now that Barack Obama has won the election, his terrorist pal

William Ayers, that "washed-up" terrorist pal of Socialist presidential candidate Barack Hussein

We were tempted this morning to throw up a pretty sky photo

Two types of tropical weather will be the weather story to watch

Well, the wake of the Nor'easter, Weather Underground says that we're

Sorry for the delay today, Gothamist has been enjoying the warm weather.