Hail and heavy winds could be en route to the Garden State.
Temperatures could creep into the 90s this weekend in parts of the city, but cooler weather is expected into the beginning of next week.
The National Weather Service has a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for New York City and areas north and east through 8 p.m. Monday night.
The northern suburbs should brace for the worst, but NYC should expect storms, too.
There were some really nice days this week. That's all over now.
A reversal of normal temperature behavior, an inversion happens when a layer of warm air traps cold air directly below it.
Hundreds of flights were already canceled in the area as of Friday morning.
While the exact path of the storm remains uncertain, forecasters with the National Weather Service said the region would likely get more than six inches of snow — with the possibility of a foot.
There will be heavy rain, strong winds, and potentially some ice in the NYC area Sunday night and into Monday.
The National Weather Service says it's too soon to tell what kind of precipitation to expect.
About five to six inches of powder fell on the city and surrounding towns, but schools are staying open.
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