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Rain will hit the city Tuesday afternoon, through Wednesday morning.

Wear a scarf to the polls Tuesday. Cooler temperatures are projected mid-week, though they’ll climb back into the mid-sixties by Thursday.

Temperatures in the city are expected to hover along the middle-to-upper 60s throughout the first week of November.

“It means more the same for New York City through the middle of the week, so we're looking for waves of rain at times," one meteorologist says.

The five boroughs are expected to see 1 to 2 inches of rain.

Temperatures will stay in the 70s by day and drop to the high 40s by the weekend.

“I can’t sleep when it rains. My wife and I are traumatized.”

Several thousand people lost power in Brooklyn and Queens.

Get your grilling done early, there are thunderstorms expected for Monday.