Joseph Rubino, 57, was initially stopped by State Troopers on July 24th after driving his Chevy van into a tree in Allamuchy, New Jersey.
A 1974 ban on chuka sticks has been lifted, and you may now use nunchucks at your leisure.
After searching his home, authorities found even more weapons, including five unregistered firearms and 8,300 rounds of ammunition.
Better safe than sorry.
Police are searching for a group of people apparently seen transferring M16 rifles between two mini vans on Staten Island.
Police arrested a man for driving around Bed-Stuy with a machine gun and an assortment of other weapons yesterday, after initially pulling him over for his excessively tinted windows.
A man caught shoplifting ammunition from a Long Island Walmart was also carrying a switchblade and a loaded .40-caliber handgun. OK!
Take it from these women, who, in two entirely separate instances, waltzed into JFK this morning carrying weapons, which were seized by the TSA in short order.
A visitor damn near made it past Rikers security on Sunday with a 12 and a half inch knife tucked into his knapsack.
He allegedly wanted to kill a cop before Christmas.
He allegedly helped a passenger board a flight to JFK with 18 firearms stashed in his carry-on luggage.
How do you get people to pay attention to gun safety issues? Dildos, dude.
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