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The MTA says multiple brakes were potentially pulled and is trying to find out why.

The former Massachusetts transportation secretary is giving New York City a preview of his leadership style.

"If I can help...and I see someone standing there, before they can even ask me, I’ll ask, ‘You need a swipe?’" one woman said.

It's believed 88,000 people would use this Brooklyn-Queens route each day.

“You don’t want to get caught, because you are going to get caught.. The sheriff’s office might be behind you lighting up, or you might get pulled over by a state trooper.”

Ride the rails this summer in the same machinery that New Yorkers used in the early 20th century.

The new entrance features a 15-foot wide stairway and elevator with access to the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal.

“We need every tool available to us to save lives and fight the rise in reckless drivers," DOT Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez said.

In a memo sent to bus operators, the MTA notes the center and rear doors on buses should no longer automatically open when the bus stops.

"Why not make life easier? Why not stay in New Jersey?" Rep. Josh Gottheimer asked.