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Wayne Barrett shows how New Jersey's "dirtiest" power plant has remained open thanks to the governor and the plant's well-connected owners and lobbyists.

"I think that his definition of middle class was something that did not include a large portion of New York."

Wayne Barrett In January, Village Voice reporter Wayne Barnett was let

Yesterday was a sad day for the once-illustrious Village Voice, which lost

Sparkdance's Flickr [UPDATE BELOW] Veteran Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett has

Design by João Sequeira, with Ana Figueiredo, Marta Moreira, and Pedro Ferreira,

"Sleight of hand," "litany of needless fights," "ugly racial polarization" - just

Governor Spitzer's campaign slogan was "Day 1, Everything Changes" but from the

The revelation that Rudy Giuliani made $16 million over 16 months -