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The 14-year construction project would dramatically reshape New York City’s waterfront and be one of the largest infrastructure projects in the area's history.

American Water has made restrictions mandatory in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

Workers are building a 7,000 square foot man-made reef seeded with millions of baby oysters, which will clean city waters while restoring the city's oyster population.

The DEP has set up water fountains for nearby residents

The long-awaited fixes to the Pequannock Water Treatment Plant aim to improve the way the city cleans its water and prevent the type of crisis that thrust Newark into the national spotlight in 2019.

NYC Officials say the city’s drinking water is still safe, but it may taste weird while repairs to the Catskill Aqueduct are ongoing.

Officials say clean-up efforts should wrap up next week.

More than 22,000 lead service lines have been replaced with copper pipes across the city.

Federal lawmakers took a major step last month to curb toxic chemicals that have polluted the water of cities and towns across America.