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The Washington Square Park Conservancy was created to address largely horticultural issues in one of the city's best-known green spaces. Emails obtained by Gothamist show their influence extended to the types of businesses and activities allowed inside the park.

"Bill was as nice and down to Earth as you would expect," he added. "There are not many big time celebs that would be do something like that. People were so excited to see him."

"The park was packed and people were just having a good time after the Queer Liberation March. Then all of a sudden we started seeing dozens of police vans circle around the park with their sirens and lights flashing..."

Those who opposed the curfew said they were intentionally barred from entering the meeting.

After a year in which some quality of life concerns took a back seat, the NYPD appears to be cracking down on park activity, including the impromptu gatherings that served as a lifeline for many in the last year.

As more New Yorkers have flocked to the park at night, some local residents have raised concerns about an increase in music, litter, vandalism, and drug use

"It was like storm troopers coming in. Batons were up and ready. I’ve never seen anything like that."

The red paint splattered onto Washington is among the targeted graffiti against slave owners in American history around the country amid nationwide protests against racist police violence.

Police pepper sprayed at least 10 people and arrested four.

Non-parking related summonses in the park rose to 662 from 111, according to data provided by the Parks Department. Regulars say it still feels like chaos.