Washington dc

Scott Kevin Fairlamb had been in the news prior to the riots for protesting Governor Murphy's COVID restrictions.
Female attorneys were seven times as likely to mention an increase in risky drinking because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
They are MAGA in miniature—a coalition of adherents of a variety of extremist ideologies, often radicalized online, and always aligned in support of former President Donald Trump
"During this time it is prudent to protect the government installations and sensitive locations," an NYPD official said.
"I think people need to understand how close hundreds of members of Congress came to being seriously harmed, if not killed, on the House floor ."
Extremist supporters of President Donald Trump have stormed the Capitol building and disrupted the vote in Congress that would certify the election of President-elect Joe Biden.
New York City's Congressional delegation will hold major influence over federal spending and dominate a panel that oversees banks, insurers, housing and investing.
After weeks of tense buildup, the white nationalist wing of the Republican party mustered only two dozen supporters.
The logistics, and politics, of the day.
A sister march to a concurrent Women's March On Washington.
Rooftop bars, food incubators, Korean caveman pops — this isn’t Lincoln’s capital anymore.
They all have ties to New York or New Jersey.
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