War on tots

A Ridgewood couple found an inventive way of spicing up their married lives, hitting nearby retail outlets and allegedly stealing items out of shoppers' baby strollers.
A 10-year-old boy was beaten up and mugged for his bike in The Bronx this week, and his father thinks NYC is too dangerous for him now.
A Canarsie realtor is getting slammed with a $20,000 fine from the Human Rights Commission for dismissing potential tenants on the basis that they have kids.
Has no one any decency anymore?
It happened on Saturday in the Bronx.
Police are searching for a man who stole a necklace off of a three-year-old in a Queens McDonalds recently.
The War On Tots continues: police are looking for a thief who allegedly stole $500 from a 3-year-old.
Police have arrested a 54-year-old man who they say roughed up and robbed a 9-year-old in the Bronx last week.
9-year-old Jacky Saunders had been given a $20 bill by his aunt to go buy a $1 bar of soap at the corner bodega when he was accosted by the 50-year-old suspect and robbed.
A teen mugger has been arrested and charged with stealing a fancy gold bracelet off the wrist of a 4-year-old—this was the THIRD toddler robbery that has occurred in the city this summer.
The mother told the Post: “[The man] didn’t say anything—he just looked at us and laughed, almost mocking us. How could he do this to a helpless little baby!”
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