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Hospitals use irradiators containing a small amount of the isotope cesium-137, which is used in blood transfusions and cancer research, but also has the potential to be utilized by terrorists in a dirty bomb attack.

A new report from the Office of the Inspector General finds police often ignore rules governing surveillance of political activity.

There were exposed wires and gas canisters in the truck's cabin.

Two starkly different narratives illustrate the difficulty of determining the truth about NYPD undercover operations and raise questions about whether the police overstepped their authority.

"When you speak to a Muslim guy, an Arab guy, don't label him, try to see who he is."

A graffiti artist has made his own subterranean contribution to the "propaganda war" on terror.

"Let's remember that terrorism cannot prevail if the people refuse to be terrorized."

New York "is all that they hate, so we are the most likely target." Now stop encrypting your phone.

"The statement that there was no blanket surveillance is refuted directly and emphatically by the NYPD's own documents."