War on rats

Have you ever stopped to consider how our city's thriving rat population disperses themselves through New York's myriad neighborhoods?
Great, one more thing to worry about.
Upper West Side residents are worried the city is abandoning its northwestern flank as the rats close in.
The initiative aims to reduce rat populations three rat-plagued sections of the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.
A grisly photo from the front line of the War On Rats shows we might be losing the War On Rats.
The MTA's current rat eradication method has been ineffective, as any subway rider in any station right now, can attest.
A Long Island family has been forced from their home thanks to a post-Sandy rodent infestation.
The neighborhood with the most rat complaints is the Lower East Side, with 123 calls in this year alone.
A trash tower grows in Brooklyn.
Will people actually carry their trash outside instead of throwing it on the tracks or leaving it on the platform?
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