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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland told prosecutors to stop treating crack cocaine and power cocaine offenders differently.

"Unlike any other state in this nation, this legislation is intentionally about equity."

Under the previous policy, medical staff did not need to provide pregnant patients with any written information on a toxicology test or obtain their signatures to perform one.

Pennsylvania appears to be leading New York in the effort to open safe injection facilities.

How does Cuomo's plan stack up against the other legalization proposals in the state, and across the country?

'Let's exclude corporate America from this equation, period,' de Blasio said.

'I have friends whose lives were ruined. They couldn't get a job because they smoked a little weed. So when prohibition ends I'm looking to create jobs for the same people who were persecuted.'

Fatal drug overdoses rose once again in New York City last year, thanks in large part to growing fentanyl usage.

Right now, Cuomo and the Senate Democrats can't even shame the Republicans into saving speed cameras.

'We've seen Vance make these sweeping announcements in the past, but what ends up happening is that the exceptions swallow the rule,' cautioned one Legal Aid attorney.