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It was David's first day of school, would the other kids think he was cool? He tied his tie, kissed his wife goodbye. It was David's first day of school.

"The organ has functioned terrifically," Cheney's doctor said. "There can still be challenges, but so far, so good. So far so very good."

"Although the former Vice President and his family do not know the identity of the donor, they will be forever grateful for this lifesaving gift."

America leaves behind its embassy in Baghdad, the largest US embassy in the world, with a staff of 16,000, most of whom are private contractors.

All but approximately 160 soldiers that are attached to the US Embassy will be removed.

Private Marcum, who authorities say is 6'3" and weighs 180 lbs, was deployed with the 10th Mountain Division to Afghanistan earlier this year

Bush recently said in an interview that after after chief of staff Andy Card whispered to him, "America is under attack," he "made the decision to not jump up immediately and leave the classroom.