The initiative aims to reduce rat populations three rat-plagued sections of the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.
Suck it, Chris Martin's long-dead great great grandfather.
They are great in number and vast in scope.
Syrians are not Skittles.
Here are a few pertinent graphs that expose, yet again, just how unnecessary the Daylight Saving Time system has become.
Time isn't holding us. Time isn't after us. Time isn't holding up. Time is a pony ride.
A new study examines the mental health toll on these 6,000 civilians who lived and worked alongside soldiers in a combat zone.
The most lingering legacy of DST is the fact you get Coldplay's song "Yellow" stuck in your head and hate yourself for singing along.
"It goes to show you what some politicians will do. They’ll say or do anything to get elected. I know all these people...They all claimed to be friends of mine up until their mayoral campaigns."
The agreement allows for Russia and the US to maintain their respective postures to save face.
"And to President Obama, please do not bring us to another war."
Most of the questions Boehner posed to Obama before the president announced that he would consult Congress before acting remain unanswered.
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