Wallace shawn

Grasses of a Thousand Colors, Wallace Shawn's unsettling new theatrical hallucination, is set in an unspecified city in an unspecified time that reflects own bleak epoch like a gilded fun house mirror.
"Let's not talk about the whole world!" Jack snarls at Judy deep in the bitterly honest core of Wallace Shawn's extraordinary play The Designated Mourner, which, after 13 long years, has been vividly revived in NYC.
Esteemed state and screen actor Larry Pine talks about the fascinating new play A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay About the Death of Walt Disney.
Wallace Shawn's play Grasses of a Thousand Colors will finally premiere in NYC next year, and his masterpiece, The Designated Mourner, will also be revived.
In his 1981 film collaboration with director Andre Gregory, Wallace Shawn,
Last night BAM's Eat Drink & Be Literary series featured playwright
Wallace Shawn—known to some as America's most radical playwright, to others as
It’s been said that one of the defining characteristics of punk rock
Wallace Shawn has long enjoyed a fruitful career as a character actor
Voyage, Tom Stoppard’s first installment in the three play Coast of Utopia
The new hit off-Broadway production by the New Group of Hurlyburly is
There are certain quirky and intriguing people in the media, whose awe-inspiring
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