Wall collapse

The first responders found that a 10-foot brick retention wall in property's backyard had collapsed, trapping at least two workers underneath.
Authorities say that contractors with WSC Group Inc. had known conditions at the site were highly unsafe, but refused to halt the work.
The collapse happened at the site of a landmarked synagogue which was devastated by a fire in 2017.
The man was not seriously injured.
A civilian complaint from May alleged that the barrier wall was not stable.
Five people were hospitalized, including a baby.
A worker at a different site (via kerfuffle & zeitgeist's flickr).
A wall at a construction site in Queens collapsed this morning
Photograph from reader PS Bricks from a 25-foot high wall's facade
Photograph of the rubble from the collapse inside Pizzeria 123 from
An exterior wall at 270 West 123rd Street in Harlem collapsed
A doctor who practices in NJ with admitting privileges at New York
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