On April 27th, entire stretches of the city will be walkable sans cars.
It seems to be a recreation of Supertramp's 1979 classic, 'Take The Long Way Home.'
Someone calculated the calories you can burn by walking between subway stops.
This week's question comes from a Park Slope resident who feels weird whenever he gets stuck behind some waddling clods blocking the sidewalk.
A man's life is in utter shambles after a pedicure-gone-wrong has left him on the margins of society.
Why are you walking at the same pace next to a complete stranger?
Walk like a penguin.
Do you keep falling on the ice? Try walking like a penguin.
On Wednesday, an upstate woman who decided to take a completely naked stroll through two stores. Below, you can now see NSFW video of Barabara Lafleur "merely expressing her freedom to be fully liberated."
A 49-year-old woman was arrested after going on a naked stroll through a Saratoga Springs lumber store and convenient store this week.
A recent New Yorker wonders if we're all playing "sidewalk chicken"... are we?
Texting while walking: IT'S THE WORST.
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