Waldorf astoria

You've seen the placards around town, beside the front door on apartment buildings, post offices, and schools. But do they signify anything these days?
At least they went out on a high note with Stevie Wonder.
That would be nearly 75% of the hotel.
A man wearing a bulletproof vest and two empty gun holsters was arrested at the Waldorf-Astoria yesterday morning after basically freaking everybody right the hell out.
"We are planning to sue the Waldorf for the costs of the wedding and the emotional harm suffered by the bride and groom."
At least it didn't turn into the Red Wedding.
Revisiting Track 61, one of the best time capsules hiding out beneath Manhattan.
"The Chinese have money to spend and the inclination to do so."
Saturday's fare brought new meaning to the word "tastemaker"—women clad in Bergdorf sampled not the usual cheese cubes passed around on silver trays, but crisped cockroaches pierced with skewers and expertly cooked filet of muskrat.
The iconic hotel has opened a chef's garden to join their colonies of bees.
The Waldorf wants its stuff back.
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