Wal mart

He hopes to return to comedy, but isn't ready yet.
Last year, Morgan's lawyer said he suffered a severe brain injury.
Wal-Mart says Morgan should have been buckled up.
Occupy Wal-Mart Street amirite?
Not only are we missing out on exclusive Justin Bieber My World Dog Tags by not having Wal-Mart in NYC—we're also missing out on the casual prostitution.
"New Yorkers want us here, and residents continue to go out of their way to shop our stores outside the city,” a Wal-Mart spokesman insists.
Black Friday is not starting off well for the giant retailer Wal-Mart.
While we were all watching Cheap Trampolines Invade East New York, Wal-Mart was yawning and putting its arm around us so it could cop a feel in Willets Point.
As the U.S. Justice Department starts investigating the chain's alleged bribery in Mexico, New York pols are again calling to keep the company out of the five boroughs. But not Mike Bloomberg!
"The idea...was to build hundreds of new stores so fast that competitors would not have time to react. Bribes, he explained, accelerated growth. They got zoning maps changed. They made environmental objections vanish."
On Chicago's west side, 25% of competing businesses within a one-mile radius of a Wal-Mart went out of business within 12 months, and 40% shut down within 24 months.
Americans came together to spend $11.4 billion on Black Friday, a 6.6% increase and the largest amount ever.
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