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Unfortunately the NYPD Commissioner wasn't able to "eat good in the neighborhood," and was forced to ingest the slop at the Waldorf-Astoria.

Police say they've arrested the man who was seen on an elevator security camera brutally kicking, punching, and spitting on a dog in Harlem's Wagner Houses last month.

Police are currently questioning, but have not yet charged, 35-year-old Gregory Velez in regards to the Tuesday killing of 73-year-old grandmother Julia Hernandez.

A 73-year-old East Harlem grannie was found dead in her apartment yesterday, tied up and suffocated with plastic. Her children think her killer just wanted her flat-screen TV.

Police yesterday arrested a Harlem man after elevator video showed him throwing his year-old pup around and whipping it with its leash.

Police are searching for a bicycling gunman who pedaled into an