Legislation that would protect patients against the medical debt practice passed the state legislature this year and is awaiting a signature from the governor.
The governor's office had created a contest to allow New Yorkers to vote on the new license plate design that will be rolled out this spring. Those license plates are made by prisoners who work for 65 cents an hour on average.
The "Fight for 15" movement started in NYC in 2012.
The Freelance Isn't Free Act passed the council unanimously and now heads to Mayor de Blasio.
They'll get 20% raises over the next five years.
"I've been here five months, and it's very hard work."
The minimum could be as high as $8.50 an hour in New York City.
A new study from the U.S. Department of Labor has found that 300,000 New York workers are paid below minimum wage, a figure that amounts to between 3.5 and 3.6 percent of the population.
Installing braces is a great racket, many athletes aren't actually overpaid, the most common jobs pay peanuts, and doctors make bank.
What do people under 20 need with a living wage?
A Brooklyn stripper-for-hire filed a lawsuit yesterday accusing her former employer Dial-A-Dancer NSFW of withholding pay for her dirty dancing, taking home less than $200 a week after three 12 hour shifts.
If you think Wal-Mart would just plop down a store or two in East New York and call it a day, you don't know Wal-Mart.
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