Wage theft

A report from the New York Nail Salon Workers Association estimates 80 percent of all nail salon employees have experienced getting short shrift on their pay.
The SWEAT bill was first introduced in 2013.
Employees at New York City businesses with more than 10 workers will be the first to reach the full $15 minimum wage, starting on New Year's Eve.
A class-action lawsuit alleges that the company could be stealing $247,000 a day this way.
"Immigrants are uniquely susceptible to this kind of activity because employers know that immigrants are less likely to speak out."
Owner Jessi Singh has also been accused of using abusive and threatening language toward employees who spoke up about the wage violations.
Ex-employees of the Coney Island Wahlburgers are accusing management of A Perfect Storm of labor law violations.
This isn't the first time the pizza chain has come under fire for failing to pay workers what they've earned.
Police caught up to her and her husband when they ordered a pizza to their hotel.
"There are a lot of black and Spanish people here. Make sure you watch them."
He's set to appear in court on September 1st.
Young people "pursue this modeling career as a dream, and individuals like Mr. Marin turn it into a nightmare," their lawyer says.
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