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Port Authority police officers were found to be making false public lewdness arrests based on specious urinal observations nearly 15 years ago.

"It is common practice for individuals that partake in this type of voeuristic activities to save these videos to computer hard drives, DVD's, thumb drives, etc."

Sometimes you want your sexy street photography anonymous, y'know?

Turns out there are quite a few sites out there for those who want to surreptitiously ogle the men of New York CIty.

See a hottie on the subway? Send a photo to this new website.

Some dudes in Midtown spotted a porno being filmed from their office window. Naturally, they took photos.

Tyler Clementi Authorities have released the identity of the 18-year-old victim

Surprisingly none of the views from your windows had people in

The very same hotel management that has encouraged guests to let