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According to a new report from The Brennan Center for Justice, NYC’s BOE is among the worst in the nation despite recent efforts to update how it administers elections.

Voters and poll workers say they've lost confidence in how elections are run in New York City.

Lonna Rae Atkeson, a professor at UNM and Director for the Center for the Study of Voting, Elections, and Democracy, said affidavit rules vary from state to state and are often 'silly and ridiculous.'

As lawmakers sped through the waning days of this legislative session, language was mistakenly added to the automatic voter registration bill that conveyed confusing information about who should check the opt-out box.

As it stands now, voters in New York must change their party registration by October 11th, 2019 to participate in the 2020 primaries.

State election officials said they see Nassau's plan as a possible model for the rest of the state.

In past election cycles, unaffiliated voters have been locked out of primaries if they didn’t register into a party nearly a year from election day, a lag time that is worse than just about every state in America.

For the 2020 presidential primary, likely to be held in April, voters will have until October 11th, 2019 to change their party registration unless New York Democrats and Governor Cuomo do something about it.

'People who've only voted in New York think all the elections across the country are the same craziness. They are not.'