The plaintiffs argue that this expansion of the electorate is illegal under the state constitution and state election law, and will “dilute the votes of United States citizens.”
The law will enable anyone who has legally been in the city for 30-days to register and vote in local (but not state and federal) elections.
“I believe everyone should be able to vote by mail,” Hochul said.
His second-term promise generally fell into three big buckets around electoral democracy, the 2020 census, and civic engagement. The results were decidedly mixed.
Only 23% of eligible voters cast ballots in the Nov. 2 election, the lowest recorded turnout compared to records since 1953.
Democrats plan to introduce legislation to temporarily extend current absentee ballot access, and move the voter registration deadline closer to an election.
In heavily-Democratic New York City, primary winners are expected to sail to victory, but not necessarily in council races in Southern Queens and on Staten Island.
It’s more than a week earlier for the upcoming November 2 general election.
Voter registration deadlines in New York and New Jersey are October 8th and October 12th, respectively. Here's how to register if you aren't already.
During a Tuesday hearing, elections officials cited “burdens” of reforms, as lawmakers eye more changes.
“I feel like I’m back in Communist Albania,” one candidate said.
The NYC Board of Elections' release and later retraction of unofficial ranked-choice voting tallies has been called a "national embarrassment."
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