Voter turnout

Local races next month will likely be decided by just a fraction of New York City residents.
GOP officials argue that making local elections coincide with presidential contests will unfairly boost Democratic turnout in New York
But that number does not tell the whole story.
As one campaign touts never-before released early-voter data, election officials claim anyone has access to it - if they know the right way to ask for it.
This is the first time voters will use ranked-choice voting for citywide elections.
Despite the increase in registrations, voter turnout levels have been decreasing for decades, especially in mayoral and gubernatorial races.
'I haven't seen anything like it.'
"I didn't vote and don't have time now because of work."
Here's what you need to know.
Flickr user sgoralnick After claiming first prize for low voter turnout
Governor-elect Cuomo Half the people who voted in the Presidential election
Now that he's going to be mayor for another four years,
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