Voter registration

"Without an online voter registration system, too many of us will not be able to exercise our rights in the 2020 election."
Remember, remember the 12th of October.
If you want to vote in September's primary election, send out that registration paperwork today.
"I didn't vote and don't have time now because of work."
"I do not want to think that it was deliberate," said Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, whose district was most impacted.
Also, the certification of election results didn't get done on time.
Which means as many as 121,000 votes could yet be counted.
He has no power to mandate reforms at the agency.
She and another clerk run the Brooklyn office.
"What we did see was a concerted effort by some folks to...protest New York's closed primary."
"The voting lists in Brooklyn contain numerous errors, including the purging of entire buildings and blocks of voters from the voting lists."
Even if your registration is screwy, you might still be able to cast a ballot.
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