Voter fraud

Critics have seen this as the first step to a national purge of state voter rolls.
And it wasn't isolated to Brooklyn—it was citywide, he alleges in a new legal filing.
After watching a voter fraud conspiracy theorist interviewed on CNN, President Trump tweeted an endorsement of his idea and wished him luck.
Trump's push for a voter fraud investigation serves him well, and not just because it feeds his thirst for false conspiracy theories.
"Winners don't complain about the final score, you know who does? Degenerate gamblers. But I guess if you knew anything about gamblers, your casinos would still be open."
Because it wouldn't be an Election Day in New York without problems.
"Who you going to vote for, Crooked Hillary?" an armed man asked a Virginia woman outside of a polling place.
"Hillary needs to be taken out. If she gets into government, I'll do everything in my power to take her out of power."
If not now, then maybe in 2020?
Volunteers are allegedly given free food and then "driven to four or five places" to vote under false names.
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is not having a good month.
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