On 'Santa Clarita Diet,' GIRLS,' and 'Big Little Lies,' projectile vomiting has been used as a memorable (and emotional) punchline.
A Williamsburg art director said it happened to her.
Thanks New York Times!
It is not immediately clear how they acquired the K2 in the first place.
Call it the Royal Caribbean Puke 'n Poop Cruise in the sky.
Poor Santas.
We pray for you, Bushwick.
Guess Bushwick has been particularly nice—or naughty.
Lawmakers want SantaCon participants to act respectfully, ha.
The suspect was sitting in his car, in a Walmart parking lot (he's a Walmart employee).
Already had the dread flu? There are other bugs to be wary of this winter.
We didn't think bad theater behavior could get much worse than having a cellphone go off in the middle of a play... but clearly we weren't thinking hard enough.
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