Make vodka cool again.
The consulate's side door was unlocked, police say.
The victim's BAC was allegedly 7 times the legal limit.
How did it take this long?
The Russian government's recent actions against the LGBT community has prompted businesses across the country to boycott Russian-made products.
Step inside and learn the secrets of making your own Sour Power Straw vodka-infused cocktails! It's a living.
The victim's husband is pissed at the club for not kicking Lindsay out.
Want some salted caramel popcorn in your Salty Dog? A dash of wasabi in your screwdriver? A pinch of fresh cut grass in your Sex on the Beach?
Vodka that is more than vodka is big business these days.
Tune tastes like your standard, clean-cut sparkling wine (it's actually a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc) but with a pleasant heat on the back end.
Due to underwhelming popular demand, Georgi vodka has released a waffle-flavored vodka, just in time for National Waffle Day.
Pauly D wants to get your drunk. But is his new line of vodka a Shore thing?
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