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“We’re all out here because the NYPD is a violent mob. It’s sad the council couldn’t see that.”
Thirteen activists were arrested on Wednesday while demanding Governor Cuomo approve a long-delayed city plan for safe injection facilities.
Prosecutors in two boroughs say they'll launch a review of possible false arrests made by Detective Joseph Franco, a veteran NYPD officer who allegedly framed multiple New Yorkers on bogus drug charges.
The governor's approach to combating the opioid epidemic is full of "watered down, under-funded and ultimately half-steps that do not go far enough," according to advocates.
More than six months later, progress on the injection sites seems to have stalled.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions just issued a major update to the Department of Justice's criminal charging policy, one that has some New York official and advocates concerned that the War on Drugs may be returning.
"Most of the time, I do it in the street, under the bridge, on top of the bridge."
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