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The cancerous tumors that he once forced a woman who worked for him to touch seem to have killed him.

Vito Lopez, who had staffers massage his tumors, has finally met the end of the line.

New York taxpayers have already shelled out $103,080 to settle two sexual harassment claims leveled at disgraced former Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

"I will resign from the Assembly Monday morning by 10 a.m. Everything will end Monday."

But he won't leave Albany until June 20, so that's still plenty of time to allegedly grope some lady staffers.

Still, Lopez claims the staffers were coming onto him and trying to seduce HIM.

"She squeezed her legs together in an effort to prevent him from touching her and was scratched by one of Mr. Lopez’s jagged fingernails." And it gets worse...

Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez will not face any criminal charges related to the numerous allegations of sexual harassment that arose from his office.