Vision zero

“Her mind was also as sharp as ever,” the woman’s daughter-in-law said. “Did crossword puzzles in the New York Times in pen as she was never wrong.”
So far this year 30 New Yorkers were killed on Bronx streets, up from a low of 13 people killed in 2019.
Shannon Cocozza was making a left turn when she struck a one-year-old and the baby's mother.
The group Transportation Alternatives is pushing for a bigger investment in street redesigns.
Police said the victim was standing in the center of the roadway between opposing lanes of traffic when he was hit
Only a small fraction of NYC's streets have red-light cameras, which give tickets to speeders and prevent speeding.
A new city rule that went into effect this week requires vehicles and bikers to yield to pedestrians even if there is no stoplight or stop sign.
Rodriguez chaired the City Council's transportation committee.
De Blasio wanted the city to reach zero traffic deaths by 2024. In a city of 8 million residents and millions more visitors, Vision Zero became one of the most notable pillars of de Blasio’s platform alongside his equity and universal pre-K goals.
The Driver Abatement Program, funded in February, had its first class of drivers in November.
The new infrastructure isn't just popular with existing bike commuters; it seems to be inducing more trips over the East River in total.
In what has turned out to be an especially deadly year for bikers and pedestrians, Jose Ramos is at least the 15th cyclist killed this year by drivers.
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