We went to Virginia to assess how Mike Bloomberg is faring with potential primary voters.
'Having a sense of the way that folks organized around these issues and support community members is really helpful.'
"Who you going to vote for, Crooked Hillary?" an armed man asked a Virginia woman outside of a polling place.
"We have provided an additional layer of security until we have a fuller understanding of the motive behind the Virginia incident."
Seven teens on a school trip from Virginia were hospitalized after showing signs of illness that may be caused by the dreaded norovirus.
Some people claimed to have captured video of the meteor passing over Manhattan last night, except the video below is actually from Virginia. But hey, it's still a cool video!
Police and the family members of a missing Virginia man are searching for him after he last made contact with a friend on December 30.
For Newt's sake, we hope that Callista forgives him for this. If she adopts this laser beam death glare talking about Christmas lights, we'd rather not see her reaction to the botched signatures.
Ohio voters rejected an anti-labor law, Arizona voters recalled the extremist Tea Party-friendly state senator, and as a result, Democrats are starting to feel confidant again.
Virginia Republicans are pushing to loosen gun regulations, including the one gun per month restriction currently on the books.
As Irene tore up the eastern seaboard, it spawned a tornado in North Carolina, and emergency crews on the border of Virginia and North Carolina couldn't respond to calls due to perilous conditions.
People felt the quake from Ontario all the way down to Alabama, because "it was a shallow earthquake, and geological conditions in the eastern U.S." make for a widely shared experience.
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