"I would say the invention of the Rainbow Bagel is up there in terms of very notable developments and innovations in the history of the bagel that has led it to have the cultural significance that it has today."
A trained rat and a mysterious woman named Zardulu are allegedly the masterminds of a "huge" number of viral videos.
Unless you click. And click again.
"I'm an NYU Film School graduate, SUCKA!... You SUCK!"
Urban Outfitters has sunk to a new low (again) with its "vintage" Kent State sweatshirt that appears to be splattered with bloodstains, evoking the National Guard's 1970 massacre of unarmed protesters on the Ohio campus.
A dog survived a harrowing rescue from an icy Long Island lake today after it escaped from its owner to chase birds.
Let's just hope this doesn't become a trend, because c'mon.
The security guard who was caught on video helping a FedEx worker chuck boxes into the back of a truck has been fired, too. Who's to blame?
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