Viral video

The beating occurred in front of the victim's son, with bystanders just standing around and watching.
Below, we've compiled the rest of the best subway moments of 2012, from pet rats to breakdancer rants, from blowjobs to topless protesters, from sleep standing to shaman dancing.
Click through to see the top ten subway video incidents the MTA would probably rather you forgot about.
Yes, things are so bad for the Jets that they are now outsourcing to Norway. But on the other hand, this kicker is really good! Watch his audition tape below.
We asked Ton Do-Nguyen, the amazingly talented 16-year-old behind the "Countdown (Snuggie Version)" video.
In 2006 Brooklyn photographer Noah Kalina had a lot of eyes on
How I Met Your Mother: Season Two More and more people seem
The laptop as guest - and sometimes the centerpiece - at dinner
Incase anyone was wondering just how many Starbucks there actually are in
It appears that the iPhone day incident between a television news producer
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